Dredging machinery, sand dredger, dry ore magnetic separator supplier in China

QINGZHOU YONG SHENG DREDGING MACHINERY CO., LTD. is located in China, and is a professional manufacturer of dredging machinery, sand dredger and dry ore magnetic separator. We produce an extensive line of dredging equipment, mineral processing equipment, construction machinery, and other products. As their names indicate, these machines are widely applied to sand excavation, channel cleanout, mineral separation, and the construction of buildings, roads, and more.

    1. Cutter Suction Dredger
    2. Cutter Suction DredgerHighly efficient fuel consumption helps save on operating cost.
      The cutter suction dredger is equipped with highly efficient cutter and wheel drive system.
      Fresh water cooling system.
    1. Chain Bucket Sand Dredger
    2. Chain Bucket Sand DredgerYONG SHENG SHIPYARD chain bucket sand dredger has many advantages such as reliable performance, easy maintenance, long service life, low cost and it has a big working load of 500-2000 cubic meter per hour, etc.
      Through carefully selection and separation ...
    1. Cutter Suction Sand Dredger
    2. Cutter Suction Sand DredgerYONG SHENG SHIPYARD cutter suction sand dredger is designed for sand borrowing in the sand field and river channel, and it can also be used for river channel rectifying. It has many advantages such as reliable performance, easy maintenance ...
    1. Dry Ore Magnetic Separator
    2. Dry Ore Magnetic SeparatorHandling capacity: 100m3/h - 200m3/h.
      Power: 35KW generator.
      Precision can reach 20%-40%.
      The dry ore magnetic separator is made of steel plate ...
    1. Gold Panning Equipment
    2. Gold Panning Equipment This gold panning equipment is primarily composed of cutter suction processing equipment and sluice type gold processing equipment. Compound type gold processing sluice is one types of the most advanced and large production grain selection ...
    1. Simple Jet Suction Sand Dredger
    2. Simple Jet Suction Sand Dredger Dredger Structure: 9m*2.2m* 1.1m
      Main Power Engine: 175KW
      Main Sand Pump: 6 inch Pump ...
    1. Barge and Tug
    2. Barge and Tugboat The tugboat is a small hull, but with big power. It may fall into three classes: ocean tugboat, inland river towing vessel and harbor tugboat.
      The ocean tugboat can be classified into open sea tugboat and coastal ...

Providing high quality dredging machinery, packing machinery and related products is our goal at YONG SHENG SHIPYARD. We achieve this by strictly implementing quality control in accordance with ISO9001:2000 standards. For example, we purchase quality materials from dependable suppliers, who are required to submit a quality inspection report to ensure the superior performance of incoming materials. The use of a variety of advanced manufacturing equipment such as cutting machines, plasma cutters, and argon arc welding machines, contributes to the reliability of our mineral processing equipment and construction machinery. Our staff goes through continuing training to improve skills and efficiency, which helps guarantee the superiority of our sand dredger, dry ore magnetic separator, and other products. As a result, we can consistently provide high quality products for our worldwide customers.

In order to offer reliable dry ore magnetic separator and filling machinery at competitive prices, we at YONG SHENG SHIPYARD strive to reduce our costs without compromising on quality. We do this by taking a number of effective cost control measures. For example, our highly automated production equipment, plasma cutting machines, and other equipment help to improve our production efficiency while saving on labor cost. With steel materials purchased from local suppliers, we are able to cut our material and logistics costs. Strict management according to ISO international standards results in reduced waste at each stage of production. All of these factors combine to enable us to offer our construction machinery, etc., at economical prices.

The high quality and affordable prices of our gold panning ship, concrete mixing plant, and other equipment have won us satisfied clients from many countries such as Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, and more. We also provide complete customer service. For example, our sewage treatment plant and cutter suction dredger are all shipped with spare parts and have a 12-month warranty. Customers will also receive other services like design, customization, installation and training. Our location in Qingzhou city, near the Qingdao and Tianjin ports, gives us access to convenient transportation and allows us to make prompt deliveries at low shipping charges for our clients. If you are interested in our products, please see our webpage for more information. The staff at YONG SHENG SHIPYARD is sincerely looking forward to working with you in the near future.

  • Dredging Equipment
  • Dredging Equipment
  • The dredging equipment is mainly designed for digging, dredging and filling applications in water areas such as coastal, potamic, reservoir, canal areas, etc. It can also be used for sand borrowing ...
  • Mineral Processing Equipment
  • Mineral Processing Equipment
  • Our mineral processing equipment is mainly used to explore the heavy metal at the places of river, mountain and dry river channel, etc. It is convenient to move.
    The mineral processing ...
  • Salt Mining Dredger
  • Salt Mining Dredger
  • This kind of machine, especially designed for the saltern, is used to dredge, crush and transport salt. We have manufactured 20 units of dredging salt machines for Shou Guang Salt field ...