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Desilting Boat

Desilting Boat

This hydraulic-driven desilting boat is suitable for desilting the seaport and river way. Its desilting capacity is between 100m3/h and 800m3/h while the dredging depth ranges from 5m to 23m. Its discharge distance covers from 300m to 3,000m.

It is composed of three parts, which can be disassembled and installed. The desilting dredger is equipped with an anchoring pole, anchor boat and self-propulsion devices. Since the desilting ship is centralized controlled and dismountable, it is easy to operate, install and convenient to transport by trucks and trains in bulk.

Specification for 8-inch Desilting Boat
Item Parameter Remark
Total Length 21m
Hull Length 14.0m
Hull depth 1.6m
Hull width 4.6m
Main Power 300KW
Pump model WN-200 SHIJIZHUANG
Pump Suction Dia 250mm
Pump Discharge Dia 200mm
Dredging Depth 9m
Water flow 900m^3/h
Discharge Distance 1000m
Working weight 60T
Spuds 325mm Two sets 18m
Winches 3 Sets
Operation System The most advanced Hydraulic and PLC control system
Delivery Time 60days
Specification for 18-inch Desilting Boat
Item Parameter Remark
Total Length 44m
Hull Length 35.0m
Hull depth 2.2m
Hull width 8.0m
Main Power 1200KW
Pump model WN-450 SHIJIZHUANG
Pump Suction Dia 550mm
Pump Discharge Dia 450mm
Dredging Depth 16m-22m
Water flow 1500m^3/h
Discharge Distance 1500m-3000m
Working weight 300T
Spuds 630mm Two sets 18m
Winches 3 Sets
Operation System The most advanced Hydraulic and PLC control system
Spare parts 70 items of tools for disel, oil seal, welders etc
Lead Time 150 days


Oil Pump
The oil pump we used is from the brand of REXROTH or VICKERS to ensure the high performance. The oil pump has two types for you to choose from: rotary vane pump and plunger pump. The rotary vane pump features compact structure, smooth operation, proportioned flow, and makes little noise. The plunger pump features high precision, good sealing performance, high work stress. In addition, according to the working condition, Yong Sheng can also provides suitable double pump.

Lubrication Oil Tank
The lubrication oil tank is designed for lubrication the cutterhead automatically, due to its simple structure the maintenance is very easy.

Daily-use Oil Tank

Audible and Visual Alarm
The audible and visual alarm can protect the safety of operators and ensure the smooth operation of equipment. It is connected with sensors arranged in certain part of the dredger to receive operation signals in time.
Once the equipment failure is detected, the alarm will automatically raise an alarm to let operators deal with the problem immediately, so as to meet the requirements of protecting both personnel and equipment.

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