The tugboat is a small hull, but with big power. It may fall into three classes: ocean tugboat, inland river towing vessel and harbor tugboat.

The ocean tugboat can be classified into open sea tugboat and coastal tow boat. It can tow big ships or other big structures in sea, such as offshore platform, floating dock etc.

The river tugboat usually can supply the power for driving 8-10 transport ships. There are no self-propelled barges on the inland waterways. Tugboat drag facility mainly includes towing hook, warping winch and etc.

1. It is strictly designed according to the standards of coastal water certificate.
2. Its quality is guaranteed.
3. The fuel is consumed with high efficiency.
4. The ocean tugboat and inland river tugboat could be customized.
5. It is easy to transport by road, rail or sea.
6. We provide timely delivery service.
7. One set of spare parts is provided for free.

Item Parameter Remark
Dimensions 17m×4.3m×1.6m
Draft 1.3m
Main Engine 220kW WEI CHAI ENGINE / 6126
Lift Weight 1-5T
Lift Height 2.6m
Steel Plate 6mm CCSB Certification
Navigation Light 2 Sets
Oil Tank Capacity 10T
Air-Conditioning Yes
Anchor 100kg
Propeller 1 set
Chair One Leather Chair
Operation Control System Hydraulic System
Warranty 12 months
Delivery Time 45 days
Note: This tugboat can not only drag big ship moving in the sea but also drop anchor for dredger.
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