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    1. Filling Machine1. When unpack the case, make sure attached technical information is
      complete and the packing equipment is in good condition.
      2. Fix and regulate feeding component and discharging component according to specification.
    1. Washing, Filling, Capping Three-In-One Packing Machine1. The installation, use and maintenance of our washing, filling, capping three-in one packing machine are easy and simple.
      2. This compact sized packing equipment saves space of workshop and improves its utilization.
    1. Reverse Osmosis Water Purification SystemThe regeneration process does not require users to stop the machine.
      The water purification equipment saves the water used for washing and backwashing.
      The RO water purification system produces ultra-pure water with high production rate.
    1. Ultrafiltration SystemThe filtering membrane with its aperture from 0.002-0.1μ m is usually called UF membrane. The volume of normal colloid is ≥0.1μm, latex≥0.5μ m, coliform, staphylococcus ≥0.2μ m, suspending matter and corpuscule ≥5μ m, so the germ, colloid, suspending matter ...
    1. EDI Equipment (Electrodeionization)The ion exchange bed is working by ion exchantge resin in electrolyte solution, and functions to wipe off all kinds of kation and anion to produce high purity water. When the raw water passing ion exchange pole, the kation and anion in water will exchange with H+ in positive resin ...
    1. Ultrapure Water EquipmentWhen the raw water passing ion exchanger pole, the kation and anion(HCO3-plasma) in water will exchange with H+ in positive resin and OH-D- in negative resin to get salt taking-off. The combination of kation and anoin will get the water higher purified.
    1. Ion Exchanger (Mixed Bed)1. The ion exchanger produces high purity water.
      2. The mixed bed ion exchange system is environment friendly, and has long life.
      3. High quality, reasonable price and quick delivery
    1. Electrodialysis EquipmentWhen the water flows through the ion exchange membrane of Electrodialysis equipment and under the effect of DC, the kation in water will pass the positive membrane and anion will pass through the negative membrane.
    1. Healthy Water Equipment (Oxygen-rich)1. The tap water can be treated into alkaline water and acidulous water by adopting advanced electroproduced electrolyzed membrane separation technique.
      2. This healthy water equipment adopts platiniridium electrode materials with titanium coating ...
    1. Water SoftenerThe resin must be regenerated after absorbing some Ca2+ and Mg2+ so as to enable the water softener continuously soften water.
      Water softener is used in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, electrical fields ...
    1. Sterilizer, Water Purification SystemOnce the microorganisms enter the reverse osmosis system, they will lead to biological contamination and generate biomembranes which are difficult to be cleaned. Therefore, the prevention of microorganisms is the primary task in the process of pretreatment.
    1. Non Negative Water Supply EquipmentThe water supply equipment is connected to other water supply system with insufficient pressure. After checking the outlet pressure and comparing the testing result and enactment, it helps the water supply system to get the needed pressure based on the original pressure ...
    1. Concrete Mixing PlantThis energy-conserving and environment-friendly concrete mixing plant offers a particular mixing control system and technical oil pump.
      The water spray system comes with multiple pipe installation and multiplexing ...
    1. Lime Digestion MachineIts productivity and the mixture ratio can be set freely within the rated range. The raw lime is transported into the digestion equipment and crushed by the crusher. Then under the action of high pressure water spray and mixing, the raw lime will be digested mechanically.
    1. Sewage Treatment PlantThe sewage treatment plant offers even mixing and exact quantity measurement.
      The sewage treatment plant is suitable for large scale infrastructure construction and construction projects such as roads, bridges, water conservation, airports, ports, and more.
    1. Stabilized Soil Mixing PlantThis machine is easy to move and install.
      The stabilized soil mixing plant can mix four, five or six kinds of materials together and handle stabilized soils in various mixing ratios.
    1. Wheel LoaderThe wheel loader is specially designed to have super lifting force and automatic leveling at high position, with high productivity.
      With strong driving power by 4 wheels, the wheel loader has high gradeability.