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Cutter Suction Sand Dredger

Cutter Suction Sand Dredger

Applications of Cutter Suction Sand Dredger
YONG SHENG SHIPYARD cutter suction sand dredger is designed for sand borrowing in the sand field and river channel, and it can also be used for river channel rectifying. It has many advantages such as reliable performance, easy maintenance, long service life, low cost and large working load of 500-2000 cubic meter per hour, etc. After carefully selection and separation, the cutter suction sand dredger will offer pure sand which is optimum for construction cement production.

Specifications of Cutter Suction Sand Dredger

Cutter suction sand dredger, 10 inches

Items Specs Remarks
Total Length 25.0m
Hull Length 18.0m
Hull Depth 1.6m
Hull Width 5.2m
Main Engine 450KW JICHAI or WEICHAI
Auxiliary Engine 24KW
Pump Model WN-250
Pump Suction Dia. 250mm
Pump Discharge Dia. 300mm
Cutter Dia. 1.3m 30rpm
Dredging Depth 10m
Water Flow 1200m3/h
Discharge Distance 1000m
Working Weight 100T
Spud Pile ∮377mm 13.0m/piece
Winch 3 sets
Operation System PLC control system and Hydraulic system
Delivery Time 100 working days.

Cutter suction sand dredger, 12 inches

300 Pump Cutter Suction Dredger
Items Specs Remarks
Total Length 29.0m
Body Length 24.0m
Hull Depth 1.8m
Hull Width 6.0m
Dredging Depth 13m
Main Power 540KW Jichai Diesel Model,6190 Pump Power
Pump Model WN300 Suction12" Discharge14" Shijiazhuang
Pump Suction Dia. 350mm
Discharge Dia. 300mm
Water Flow 2000m³/h(Capacity up to 300m3/h)
Discharge Distance 1000 m
Working Weight 120T
Spuds ∮450mm Two sets 17 m
Winches 3Sets
Auto-navigation No
Operation System Hydraulic
Accessories Tools for diesel, oil seal, welders, etc.
Lead Time 90days
Shipment Loading in bulk

Cutter suction sand dredger, 14 inches

Items Specs Remarks
Total Length 36.6m
Hull Length 26.0m
Hull Depth 1.8m
Hull Width 6.0m
Main Engine 1000KW JICHAI Power
Auxiliary Engine 30KW Generator WEICHAI Power
Pump Model WN-350
Pump Suction Dia. 350mm SHIJIAZHUANG
Pump Discharge Dia. 450mm
Dredging Depth 14m
Water Flow 2800m3/h
Discharge Distance 1000m
Working Weight 150Ton
Spud Pile ∮450mm 18m/piece
Winch 3pieces
Operation System PLC control system and Hydraulic system
Delivery Time 90 working days


Cooling Water Filtration System
The cooling water filtration system can operate automatically and clean periodically, ensuring that the water pipes are clean and unobstructed.

PLC Control System
The PLC control system from SIEMENS has high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and good applicability with comprehensive accessories. Its 12v PC switch panel can provide reliable security protection.

Hydraulic Oil Filter
The hydraulic system is equipped with a large size of specially manufactured hydraulic oil tank. The filter consists of housing and a filter element with countless tiny holes to filter the contaminants in hydraulic oil.
Hence, we specially designed a filter component for hydraulic oil filtration but it needs to be cleaned periodically, ensuring the cleanness of hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil filter is usually equipped with a coarse filter and a fine filter.

Voltage Stabilizing System
The automatic voltage stabilizing system in generator can output stable voltage when dredger is operating. When rotational speed of the main engine is changed, it can automatically adjust its field rheostat, so as to stabilize the output voltage and ensure the normal operation of dredger power system.
It is necessary equipment for dredgers with high reliability and durability.

Engine System
Yong Sheng offers different brands of engines, like Weichai, Yuchai, Cummins, MWM, etc. Since engine is the most important component of dredger, Yong Sheng will choose the most reasonable engine on your request.

All our dredging equipment is made using steel plate, and we can design cutter suction sand dredger according to customers' needs.

Maintenance tips
1. While starting the cutter suction sand dredger, please start the single cylinder engine first and then start the multi-cylinder engine. Then, slowly put down the faucet and stop when the diesel engine can't bear. Then control the faucet according to the concentration of the sand discharging port.
2. If the displacement of sand is very small, maybe the faucet is blocked by stone. Put up the faucet to a height of 50cm and slow down the accelerator, then increase the accelerator and put down the faucet. If this kind of situation happens again, you should change the operation place.
3. The longer of the sand suction distance, the smaller of the sand concentration. The concentration is about 50% when the distance is 30m.
4. If the water can't be drawn out, you should check the sand suction pump to see if there is some steam leakage. If the draft of the pump is shallow, you'd better increase the sandbag.
5. When the diesel engine is struggling, you need to check the triangular belt and the sand suction concentration.

Cutter suction sand dredger bigger than 12 inches will be delivered in bulk.
Dredgers smaller than 12 inches will be delivered in container.

Thank you for visiting our website! As an experienced cutter suction sand dredger in China, we have aimed to satisfy our global customers by providing a wide range of products, including sand sieving machine, dry ore magnetic separator, bag filter, concrete mixing plant, and more. Our corporation is located in Qingzhou, which has convenient transport and picturesque scenery. The distance between Qingzhou and important ports of the international ocean line Qingdao and Tianjin is estimated 240km and 400km. Presently, our products are exported to Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, India, just to name a few.
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