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Chain Bucket Gold Dredger

Chain Bucket Gold Dredger

Chain bucket gold dredger could deal with the work of mining and extracting gold from other minerals in river such as wolfram, stannum, manganese, iron, lead, zinc, stibium and diamond. Driven by the upward guide roller, the chain buckets move continuously on the bucket bridge and dig mud underwater to the surface of the water. Meanwhile, this dredger finishes filtering, washing and sorting work to supply qualified sand materials for construction.

Jigger, gold centrifugal machine and portable gold sluice are all available. You could choose the right device according to your own needs.

Product Parameters
Item Parameter Remark
Dredging Bucket 94 units
Hull(L×W×H ) 31m×2m×1.14m
Frame(L×W×H ) 6.5m×1.25m×1.25m
Ladder 2152cm×110cm×85cm
Pentagon Wheel Dia-130cm, Width-80cm
Trommel Screen Dia-130cm, Length-160cm
Gravel Chute Length 6m
Bucket Capacity 0.06m³/bucket
Gearbox 7 sets
Electric motor 45kw×1sets,18kw×1sets,7.5kw×3sets,4kw×2sets
Magnetic Separator Size 900mm×2200mm (3500GS) It works with the help of water.
Separator Power 4KW
Gold Chute 800mm×4500mm/set 4.5m×4sets (Adjust according to the condition)
Water Pump Capacity 100m³/h
Water Pump Power 10KW
Dredging Depth 16m
Cabin 1.8m×1.5m It holds operation board /chair.
Diesel generator Power 100kw WEICHAI
Warranty 1 year
lead time 20 days
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