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Salt Mining Dredger

Salt Mining Dredger

Cutter salt mining dredger / Chain bucket salt dredging ship
This kind of machine, especially designed for the saltern, is used to dredge, crush and transport salt. We have manufactured 20 units of dredging salt machines for Shou Guang Salt field, Mongolia saltern, Qinghai Salt Lake etc.

It could crush the salt bed and discharge salt with 200-1500m. It features easy operation, antiseptic treatment and 20 years' durability.

If you have the interest, you are welcome to visit our company. We shall give you a spot show about this salt dredging machine.

Cutter suction salt dredging ship
Its salt dredging capacity ranges from 50m3/h to 4000m3/h. The dredging depth changes between 4m and 23m.

Cutter suction salt dredging ship              YS-WYC80 small chain bucket salt dredging ship

Specification of 8-inch cutter suction salt dredging ship
Items Parameter Remark
Total Length 21m
Hull Length 14.0m
Hull depth 1.6m
Hull width 4.6m
Main Power 300KW
Auxiliary Engine Power 24KW WEICHAI POEER
Pump Suction Dia 250mm
Pump Discharge Dia 200mm
Dredging Depth 9m
Water Flow 900m^3/h
Discharge Distance 1000m
Working weight 60T
Spuds 325mm Two sets 18m
Winches 3 Sets
Operation System The most advanced Hydraulic and PLC control system
Lead Time 60days
Specification of 10-inch cutter suction salt dredging ship
Items Parameter Remark
Total Length 25m
Hull Length 18.0m
Hull depth 1.6m
Hull width 5.2m
Main Power 450KW
Auxiliary Engine Power 24KW WEICHAI POWER
Pump Suction Dia 300mm
Pump Discharge Dia 250mm
Dredging Depth 10m
Water flow 1200m^3/h
Discharge Distance 1500m
Working weight 100T
Spuds 377mm Two sets 18m
Winches 3 Sets
Operation System The most advanced Hydraulic and PLC control system/Electrical System
Lead Time 90days
Specification of YS-WYC80 chain bucket saltdredging ship
Item Parameter Remark
Quantity of Buckets 50 units
Hull(L×W×H) 1800cm×150cm×90cm
Main Frame 2.8cm×1.1mX1.1m
Ladder 1250cm×0cm×45cm
Four-corner wheel Dia-90cm, Width-75cm
Salt dredging capacity 80m3/h
Dredging Depth 6m
Chain 67cm×90cm×20mm
Bucket Capacity 0.065m³
Bucket Weight 35kg/piece
Reducer 650×1set,350×1set,250×2set
Power 46KW
Warranty 1 year
Lead Time 15 working days


DGPS (Differential Global Position System)
The DGPS provides improved accuracy of location and all-weather service. It has high reaction sensitivity, and is easy to operate and provide global geocentric coordinates.

The flexible manipulator can control the hydraulic system by handle and keyboard to do all kinds of construction projects, which is fast and efficient, greatly reducing labor intensity.

Shaft Generator
The shaft generator is connected to the auxiliary engine in a certain way. It can provide stable power supply to the electric equipment on the dredger during working condition.
Yong Sheng chooses shaft generators from Marathon motor, STAMFORD, and XingNuo, which has good quality and stability.

Pressure Gauge
Yong Sheng equips several pressure gauges in parts of the dredger, such as the inlet and outlet of the fluid end on mud pump, and other hydraulic working departments, all of which are used to measure the local pressure. So that inspectors can grasp the operation status of equipment instantly, find and troubleshoot problems, and ensure the safety of operators and smooth operation of equipment.

Our company owns three factories in Qingzhou city, Shandong province. As one of the biggest manufacturer, we could provide specialized OEM service for sand mining machinery, sand making machinery, dredging machinery and mineral processing machinery. Our senior engineers and professional R & D staffs could rapidly work out one reasonable and feasible scheme according to your working environment and specific needs.

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