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Lime Digestion Machine

Lime Digestion Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.
Features of Lime Digestion Machine
1.With simple structure, the lime digestion machine covers a compact area.
2. This lime digestion machine is energy saving, environment friendly and pollution-free.
3. With quick and complete digestion of raw lime, the production efficiency is high.

To meet the needs for the high quality, stable lime layer used for the basic construction of highway, our company has developed a new kind of computer controlled lime digestion machine on the basis of the advantages derived from other companies and our rich production experience. Its productivity and the mixture ratio can be set freely within the rated range. The raw lime is transported into the digestion equipment and crushed by the crusher. Then under the action of high pressure water spray and mixing, the raw lime will be digested mechanically.

Application of Lime Digestion Machine
The lime digestion machine is applied to large scale infrastructure construction and construction of roads, bridges, airports, ports, and other construction projects.

Technical parameters

Item Unit Parameter
Production capacity t/h 20-80
Total power kw ≈50-75
Maximum grain size mm 35
Water weighing precision % ≤±1.5
Aggregate weighing precision % ≤±1
Area 10*15
Assembly form Dismountable
Control type Computer or manual control

The lime digestion machine is made of steel plate and steel frame.

Packed in bulk or in container.

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