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Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.
Features of Wheel Loader
1. The wheel loader offers continuous variable transmission.
2. It is made of steel plate with high toughness.
3. High quality at reasonable price
4. Quick delivery

Features of Wheel Loader
1. This wheel loader has high cost performance. By use of fully hydraulic transmission, it can bring the power of engine into full play. The output torque can be adjusted automatically according to load change, and thus the machine provides continuous variable transmission, high working efficiency and easy maintenance.
2. The wheel loader is specially designed to have super lifting force and automatic leveling at high position, with high productivity.
3. With strong driving power by 4 wheels, the wheel loader has high gradeability.
4. The articulated frame design and small turning radius makes the machine convenient to work in confined places.
5. With the single-line air-assisted brake system, it can work safely and reliably.
6. The rear axle can swing around the central hanger frame, which improves the trafficability of the whole wheel loader.
7. With hydraulic steering system, the loader provides stable performance and flexible operation.

Application of Wheel Loader
Wheel loader is a kind of construction machinery widely applied to roads, railways, buildings, ports, mines, and more.

Technical parameters

Item Specifications
Rated loading 2.0t
Overall weight 4.7t
Rated bucket capacity 0.8m3
Maximum grade ability 30°
Maximum dump height 3030mm
Maximum dump reach 650mm
Rated power 56kw
Wheelbase 2270mm
Wheel tread 1550mm
Boom lifting time 4.85s
Total time 9
Walk speed 24km/h

Wheel loader is made of steel plate, steel frame etc.

1. Check the quantity of contents in water tank, and fuel tank and working oil tank.
2. Check tyre pressure and figure.
3. Please check the operating mechanism and see if the signal device is in good condition.
4. Make sure there is no strange noise after the engine startup and meters work normally.
5. Please ensure there are no oil, gas or water leakage.
6. Make sure there is no overheating of the gear-box, torque
converter, oil pump and front and rear axle.
7. Check if there is loosening or loss of the fastening pieces.

Packed in bulk or in container.

YONG SHENG SHIPYARD is a specialized Chinese wheel loader manufacturer, providing construction machinery, cutter suction sand dredger, sand sieving machine, tray filter, and other products. Besides, our company is located in Qingzhou which provides us with convenient transportation. Therefore, we can deliver our construction machinery to you in time.
If you have any questions, please contact us. We at YONG SHENG SHIPYARD are happy to assist you.

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