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Healthy Water Equipment (Oxygen-rich)

Healthy Water Equipment (Oxygen-rich)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Features of Healthy Water Equipment (Oxygen-rich)
Treated through mineralization, magnetization, electronic activation, oxygenation and purification, the water produced by healthy oxygen-rich water treatment equipment features in high nutrient contents, abundance in beneficial elements and superior quality. All physical and chemical indexes are in accordance with the healthy requirements of physiological function of human being and effective to health care.

Application of Healthy Water Equipment (Oxygen-rich)
This healthy water equipment is used in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, electrical fields and can also be used as critical facilities in community, industrial park, oil field etc.

1. The tap water can be treated into alkaline water and acidulous water by adopting advanced electroproduced electrolyzed membrane separation technique.
2. This healthy water equipment adopts platiniridium electrode materials with titanium coating which can prevent the oxygenation of polar plate in electrolytic process and increase the service life of polar plate and the whole equipment.
3. Bacteria can be effectively killed and water security is improved in electrolytic process.
4. With the help of this healthy water equipment, water in different PH values can be obtained by adjusting current in the process of water treatment process in order to meet different clients' requirement.
5. The forward and reverse electrode-changing design is convenient to clean which extends the service life of the healthy water equipment.

Requirement of Installation Environment
Ambient temperature:5-40°c
Ambient humidity:80%
Water inlet temperature:5-40°c
Water inlet pressure:0.1-0.25MPa
Power supply voltage:380V
Two-phase current:15A
Grounding wires shall be supplied at the equipment installation place .
Grounding resistance:4Ω

Delivered in wooden box.

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