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    1. Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System1.The reverse osmosis water purification system provides reliable performance and stable water quality.
      2. No need to use acid-alkali to regenerate
      3. The regeneration process does not require users to stop the machine.
    1. Ultrafiltration SystemThe ultrafiltration system is commonly used in water treatment equipment for getting drinking water, mineral water, industrial ultra-filtration water, and so on.
      Mineral water, spring water is usually produced with pressure as driven force ...
    1. EDI Equipment (Electrodeionization)EDI Equipment is applicable for getting super pure water in electrical and chemical industries as well as hospitals, etc. and the electrical resistivity of water ranges from 2 to 18 kΩ•m.
      The EDI equipment works with RO facilities combining with ion exchange bed or EDI.
    1. Ultrapure Water EquipmentUltra pure water equipment is working with RO facilities combining with ion exchanger or EDI. Ion exchanger is working by ion exchanger resin in electrolyte solution, and can be used to wipe off all kinds of kation and anoin. It is a method to produce high purity water.
    1. Ion Exchanger (Mixed Bed)High quality, reasonable price and quick delivery
      The ion exchanger is typically used in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, electrical industries, and can also be used as critical facilities in communities, industrial parks, oil fields, among others.
    1. Electrodialysis EquipmentUsing advanced technology, our electrodialysis equipment can supply you high purity degree of water.
      1. Before using the electrodialysis equipment, please make sure the water is well pre-treated.
      2. On the basis of adjustment test, draw up a rule of equipment operation and fix operating parameters.
    1. Healthy Water Equipment (Oxygen-rich)Treated through mineralization, magnetization, electronic activation, oxygenation and purification, the water produced by healthy oxygen-rich water treatment equipment features in high nutrient contents, abundance in beneficial elements and superior quality.
    1. Water SoftenerWhen raw water with rigid ion passes through the exchanging cylinder of the water softener, the Ca2+, Mg2+ in water is exchanged and absorbed by Na+ in resin, wiping off Ca2+, Mg2+ and carbonate or non carbonate rigidity. Thus, softened water is achieved.
    1. Sterilizer, Water Purification SystemSterilizer, water purification system is used in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, electrical fields and can also be used as critical facilities in community, industrial park ...
      This sterilizer, water purification system features in high efficiency, simple operation and low operating cost.
    1. Non Negative Water Supply EquipmentOur non negative water supply equipment is used in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, electrical fields and can also be used as critical facilities in community, industrial park, oil field etc.
      Non negative water supply equipment is primarily composed of non negative device and frequency ...

Water Treatment Equipment

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

YONG SHENG SHIPYARD water treatment equipment is widely used in scientific research, medical treatment, foods and beverages, chemical industry, electricity, electronics, paper industry and other fields.

Delivered in wooden box.

As a professional water treatment equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide a wide range of dredging equipment, mineral processing equipment, construction machinery and packing machinery. Due to the superior quality and reasonable prices, our products have been exported to Singapore, the Philippines, India, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and more countries. In addition, our convenient location in Qingzhou enables us to ship your water treatment equipment at the lower costs.
For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us at YONG SHENG SHIPYARD.

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