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Sterilizer, Water Purification System

Sterilizer, Water Purification System

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Application of Sterilizer, Water Purification System
Sterilizer, water purification system is used in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, electrical fields and can also be used as critical facilities in community, industrial park ...

This sterilizer, water purification system features in high efficiency, simple operation and low operating cost.

Why use sterilizer, water purification system?
All surface water contains microorganisms, like germ, algae, fungus, and other higher organisms. Once the microorganisms enter the reverse osmosis system, they will lead to biological contamination and generate biomembranes which are difficult to be cleaned. Therefore, the prevention of microorganisms is the primary task in the process of pretreatment. In order to complete the task, we provide worldwide customers with superior quality sterilizer and water purification system.

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant is commonly used in water purification system and sterilizer, etc., due to its advantages of deodorization, decoloration, oxidization of iron and manganese, uninfluence to PH value and production of no chlorinated organic substances.
The chlorine dioxide generator produced by our company mainly adopts chemical reaction method, namely sodium chlorate- hydrochloric acid method 2NaCLO3 + 2NaCL + 2H2SO4 → 2CLO2+CL2+2NaSO4+H2O.

Delivered in wooden box.

We are an experienced sterilizer, water purification system manufacturer and supplier, based in China. Our primary products include dry ore magnetic separator, packing machinery, sewage treatment plant, cutter suction dredger, and so on. Through the constant work of our dedicated staff, we have received the ISO9001:2000 certificate. In addition, high quality and economically priced, our products are sought after by customers from Iraq, North Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Russia, among others.
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