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Electrodialysis Equipment

Electrodialysis Equipment

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Features of Electrodialysis Equipment
Using advanced technology, our electrodialysis equipment can supply you high purity degree of water.

Working principle
When the water flows through the ion exchange membrane of Electrodialysis equipment and under the effect of DC, the kation in water will pass the positive membrane and anion will pass through the negative membrane.
The electrodialysis equipment has a separating room composed of membranes and clapboard. The anion in the fresh water room moves in positive direction, and kation in negative direction, so that the water in the fresh room can be desalted, the solution in condensed room can be condensed in order to get desalted and purified.
These are how the electrodialysis equipment gets purified water.

Application of Electrodialysis Equipment
It is used in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, electrical fields and can also be used as critical facilities in community, industrial park, oil field, etc.

Technical parameters

Model Assemble form Water production(T) Requirements of water input Membrane specifications
ED-X-Ⅰ Four stages four Sec 1 Turbidity<2UNT 200×800×0.9
ED-X-Ⅱ Three stages three Sec 2-3 Temperature 5-45℃ 400×800×0.9
Four stages four Sec 3-4 Mn<0.1mg/l 400×800×0.9
ED-X-Ⅲ Three stages three Sec 5-7 Fe<0.3mg/l 400×1600×0.9
Four stages four Sec 4-6 Free chlorine<0.2mg/l 400×1600×0.9
ED-X-Ⅳ Two stages two Sec 20-25 Oxygen consumption 800×1600×0.9
Three stages three Sec 20-25 3mg/l O2GODMn 800×1600×0.9

1. Before using the electrodialysis equipment, please make sure the water is well pre-treated.
2. On the basis of adjustment test, draw up a rule of equipment operation and fix operating parameters.

Delivered in wooden box.

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