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Ion Exchanger (Mixed Bed)

Ion Exchanger (Mixed Bed)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Features of Ion Exchanger (Mixed Bed)
1. The ion exchanger produces high purity water.
2. The mixed bed ion exchange system is environment friendly, and has long life.
3. High quality, reasonable price and quick delivery

Application of Ion Exchanger (Mixed Bed)
The ion exchanger is typically used in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, electrical industries, and can also be used as critical facilities in communities, industrial parks, oil fields, among others.

Working Principle
The mixed bed works in electrolyte solution, using exchange resin to wipe off various kations and anions. The mixed bed ion exchanger is used to produce high purity water. When the raw water is treated by the iron-exchange equipment, the kation and anion in water will exchange with H† of positive resin and OH¯ of negative resign to get salt taken off. The combination of kation and anion will get the water highly purified.
Ion-exchange is a method to wipe off the electrolyte in water by use of selection and balancing principle to ion with kation and anion resin exchanging resin.

The ion exchanger makes full use of the selectivity of cation and anion ion exchange resin, and balanced reaction. After kation and anion resin is filled into the exchange pool, resin is used to exchange with calcium, magnesium and natrium ions to get high purity water. The ion exchange resin is macromolecule compound, which is stable in water, aid, alkali and salt, without melting. The resin provides large exchange capacity, great durability and absorbing and long life.


Model Storage capacity Total size Work pressure Resin height
Cation resin Anion resin
YQMB-1.2 1.2 DN300X1800 《0.6 400 800
YQMB-2.5 2.5 DN400X2000 《0.6 400 800
YQMB-4.0 4 DN500X2600 《0.6 400 800
YQMB-6.0 6 DN600X3000 《0.6 400 800
YQMB-10 10 DN800X3000 《0.6 500 1000
YQMB-15 15 DN1000X3500 《0.6 500 1000
YQMB-20 20 DN1200X3800 《0.6 500 1000
YQMB-25 25 DN1400X4200 《0.6 500 1000

1. Water Consumption of Ion Exchanger
The iron changer discharges no waste water in the process of pure water treatment. While to regenerate water, raw water is needed, which is 5-10% of the water output.

2. Product Water Quality of Ion Exchanger
The quality of the water produced by ion exchanger depends on the raw water used. The single stage of the ion exchange process outputs water of 1-0.1μS/cm, and the double-stage mixed bed ion exchange provides 0.1μS/cm water.

3. Acid-base Consumption and Recovery Time
The acid-alkali consumption is related to the property of ion exchange resin. As to the common resin used in ion exchange, 250g of 30% hydrochloric acid is used for 1 liter cation resin, and 100g of 99% sodium hydroxide is needed for 1 liter anion resin.
The recovery time or regeneration cycle depends on the quality of water to be yielded, TDS raw water quality and exchange capacity of resin. It is proved that a dual-bed ion exchanger uses raw water with the conductivity less than 200μS/cm to output water below 15μS/cm. Through the use of 75liter cation resin and 75liter anion resin, the dual-bed ion exchange system can yield 40-50M3 water.

4. Effluent Quality and Water Penetration of Ion Exchanger
The mixed bed refers to the process in which cation and anion exchange resin are placed into one pool and mixed uniformly. The mixed bed ion exchange system provides reliable performance and high quality pure water.

Generally, the influent water is required to undergo primary desalting treatment to make the conductivity below 10μS/cm.

5. Category of Automatic Ion Exchanger
There are mainly two kinds of automatic ion exchange equipment. One type is those controlled by multiport valve, such as 172, 180, 182, 255, 263 series automatic multiport valves made by OSMONICS, 9600, 5600 and other models by FLICK in the US as well as those manufactured in Italy. This kind of ion exchanger controls procedures by use of time axis and the flow control valves, providing stable performance.

The other kind of automatic ion exchanger makes use of PLC and pneumatic or electric valves. The working process of the ion exchange system can be set to suit large or medium desalination project of water treatment.

6. Difference between Manual and Automatic Ion Exchanger
The automatic ion exchange system is controlled electrically or pneumatically or by valves effected by water. The ion exchange system works automatically when the procedures are set, with low labor intensity and easy operation.

The ion exchanger is delivered in a wooden box.
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