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Washing, Filling, Capping Three-In-One Packing Machine

Washing, Filling, Capping Three-In-One Packing Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Washing, filling, capping three-in-one machine is an automatic multi-function unit that used as packing machinery. The machine is widely used to fill non-gas liquid, such as wine, beverages, mineral water, soy sauce and vinegar.

Advantages of Washing, Filling, Capping Three-In-One Packing Machine
1. The installation, use and maintenance of our washing, filling, capping three-in one packing machine are easy and simple.
2. This compact sized packing equipment saves space of workshop and improves its utilization. Due to its high degree of automation, manpower is effectively saved.
3. Direct transmission between the various systems make the three most important processes in a packaging line in one go, greatly reducing secondary pollution after washing or after filling.

4. A single motor drives three systems (washing, filling and capping) through the gear transmission. Users can adjust their speeds by simple operation.
5. This packing equipment allows multi-volume, multi-bottle-shapes and multi-species filling.
6. The washing, filling, capping three-in one packing machine is equipped with high-security protection devices. When the machine is started, its speed rises slowly to avoid the rigid impact on bottles. Bottle supporting plates is a flexible supporting device, which allows bottles with different heights to be filled.
7. Liquid flows down along the side of the bottle, thus effectively reducing foams caused by the impact of filling liquid at the bottom of the bottle.

Technical parameters

Model number GDP-16-1
Type Packaging Line
Packaging material Glass
Automatic grade Automatic
Power 1.5kw
Application Beverage
Condition New
Packaging type Bottles
Driven type Electric
Productivity 3000bottles/hour
Dimension 1900×1500×2200mm
Function Multi-Function
Application Washing, Filling, Capping three-in-one

The machine is made of steel plate and steel frame etc.

Notice in installation
1. When unpack the case, make sure attached technical information is complete and the machine is in good condition.
2. Fix and regulate feeding component and discharging component according to specification.
3. Add lubricant to oil site.
4. The washing, filling, capping three-in one packing machine isa kind of handle rotation machine, so check whether the machine is running in the right direction (facing the motor spindle is counterclockwise), and the machine must be protective earthing connected.

Delivered in bulk or in container.

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