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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Features of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
1. The reverse osmosis water purification system comes with full-automatic pretreatment system.
2.Low energy consumption
3.Simple design and convenient operation
4.No pollution

Reverse osmosis is a filtration process that removes various large molecules and ions from solutions by applying certain pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a semi-permeable membrane.RO is one of the most advanced and effective membrane separation techniques in the world.

The diameter of the RO membrane is very small, and it can remove 97%-98% microbes, dissolved salt, colloid, and organic substance. The reverse osmosis water purification system provides high quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, and easy operation.

Application of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
The reverse osmosis water purification system is widely applied to water treatment in food, beverage, chemical, hospital, and electrical fields. It can also be used as critical facilities in communities, industrial parks, oil fields, and more.

Specifications of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
The water purification system suits use for processing water with the conductance less than 500µ s/cm. The water thus produced has the conductance of 1-10μS/cm, which meets the national standards for purified drinking water.

The reverse osmosis water purification system comes with carbon steel cylinder and full automatic pretreatment system.

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
1.The reverse osmosis water purification system provides reliable performance and stable water quality.
2. No need to use acid-alkali to regenerate
3. The regeneration process does not require users to stop the machine.
4. The water purification equipment saves the water used for washing and backwashing.
5. The RO water purification system produces ultra-pure water with high production rate.

Average water flux and allowable yearly water flux attenuation are listed as below.

Water source SDI Water flux-gfd Water flux attenuation (percentage/year)
Surface water 3-5 8-14 7.3-9.9
Well water <3 14-18 4.4-7.3
Reverse osmosis product water <1 20-30 2.3-4.4

Allowable yearly increment of salt permeance is shown in the following table.

Membrane Type Abbreviations of Membrane Type Increment of salt permeance (percentage rate/year)
Ultra-low-pressure polyamide composite membrane ESPA1, ESPA2, ESPA3, ESPA4 3-17
Low-pressure polyamide composite membrane CPA2, CPA2-HR, CPA3, CPA4 3-17
Low-pressure polyamide composite membrane LFC1-365, LFC1, LFC2, LFC3 3-17
Seawater desalination membrane SWC1, SWC2, SWC3, SWC4 3-17
Energy-saving polyamide nanofiltration membrane ESNA1, ESNA2, ESNA-LF 3-17

Maintenance and Precautions
1. Sand Filter Operation
The sand filter is used to filtrate most suspended materials, colloid, and solid granules, which may be attached inside the gaps between sand grains in case of delayed cleaning. In this case, the outlet passage can be blocked, thus reducing the water output. Therefore, users are required to back wash the filter repeatedly, and the washing frequency depends on the raw water quality change. When operating the equipment, make sure you have opened the right valves. Otherwise, the water pump or pipes may be damaged. It is recommended to open the raw water pump until you have confirmed that everything is normal. We also offer customers specific details about operating the filter.

2. Use of Activated Carbon Filter
The active carbon filter works basically the same as the sand filter. They mainly differ in the colloid and organics in the raw water.

3. Replacement of Filter Element
The filter element provides ultimate barrier protection for the reverse osmosis water purification system, so you'd better replace it regularly. In case of no abnormal change of water quality, change the filter element at least every half month.

4. Precautions in Daily Inspection
When monitoring the working conditions of the reverse osmosis water purification system, please check whether there is leakage of the pipes and whether the purification system works normally. If there is anything wrong with the equipment, please contact us.

5. Use of the Main Engine
When using the main engine of the water purification equipment, operators should record the readings of such meters as the conductivity analyzer, pressure gauge, flow meter, and others, every day. The readings can be reference data for future overhauling of the machine.

6. Membrane Cleansing
The membrane should be cleaned by professional personnel every three months.

The reverse osmosis water purification system is packaged in a wooden box.
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