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    1. Concrete Mixing Plant1. The high quality concrete mixing plant at reasonable price is available for many kinds of aggregate, and the biggest diameter of the grain is180mm.
      2. The mixing plant is equipped with a 20mm high anti-abrasion lining board ...
    1. Lime Digestion Machine1.With simple structure, the lime digestion machine covers a compact area.
      2. This lime digestion machine is energy saving, environment friendly and pollution-free.
      3. With quick and complete digestion of raw lime, the production efficiency is high.
    1. Sewage Treatment Plant1. The sewage treatment plant offers even mixing and exact quantity measurement.
      2. With easy operation, environmental protection, high efficiency and low failure rate, the sewage treatment equipment is ideal for use in sewage treatment factories.
    1. Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant1. With compact structure, the stabilized soil mixing plant offers accurate measurement, high-quality mixing and reliable performance.
      2. Computerized or electronic frequency batching system ensures continuous ...
    1. Wheel LoaderThis wheel loader has high cost performance. By use of fully hydraulic transmission, it can bring the power of engine into full play. The output torque can be adjusted automatically according to load change, and thus the machine provides continuous variable transmission ...

Construction Machinery

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.
Our construction machinery is applied to large scale infrastructure construction and construction of roads, bridges, airports, ports, and other construction projects.

Technical parameters

Filling Machine
Model Unit Parameter
Theoretical Productivity m3/h 60
Type of mixer MA01500/1000
Power of agitator kw 2*22
Discharging capacity m3 1
Inner aggregate size mm 60
Capacity of per aggregate batch bin m3 13
Conveying capacity of belt t/h 300
Aggregate kg 1200±2%
Cement kg 600±1%
Fly ash kg 300±1%
Water kg 350±1%
Admixture kg 30±1%
Capacity kw 105
Discharge height m ≥3.8

The construction machinery is made of steel plate.

Packed in bulk or in container.

As a professional construction machinery manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide a wide array of dredging equipment, such cutter suction dredger, bag filter, stainless steel water tank, and so on. With the advantage of reliable performance and competitive prices, our products are sought after by customers from North Korea, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand, Iraq, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, India, and more countries.

For more information regarding our construction machinery, please feel free to contact us!

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